Exploring the Reasons Why People Vlog

Video blogs, also known as vlogging, use the proven and proven path of text blogs, but with a much higher inclination. The self-publishing trend, illustrated by the text blog, is expanding and improving the use of video. Media-literate Internet audience prefers to move video, not just text or still images. So, why do people vlog http://www.wpexplorer.com/consider-vlogging-get-started/?

Indexing in search engine results

Video blogs, if optimized correctly, are indexed by search engines with an additional advantage. A blog containing a video is not afraid of abandoning search engines based on duplicate content. Although this may be a problem for text blogs, you can expect that video blogs will become winners in this regard. It takes more effort to keep the content of the text unique, while the video content is treated differently.

Providing a personal touch

Videos allow the blog owner to access target customers with a personal touch. This is usually not enough for text blogs. This helps the viewers of the blog to get acquainted with the person who tries to tell them about things, which in turn leads to a genuine link between the blogger and his audience. To keep this, a blogger needs:

  1. Make video content exciting and best every time.
  2. Regularly update the video to link the viewer’s interest.
  3. Keep video content short, but informative.

Consider an example where you want to explain the functions of a new mobile phone to a lot of people. While text and images do not have the appeal to demonstrate functions accurately, video presentation can solve the problem. This is just an example, and you can prepare demonstrations and presentations in the form of videos and broadcast them on your video blog. This is an efficient way to arouse viewers’ interest in the product.

Better explanation

Since video blogs are commonly called, are very useful for presenting ideas that are not very well-received in the text. For example, if you run a blog on home improvement techniques, your site is likely to bring significant benefit from some videos that show your visitors exactly how to install a lamp or how to cut a beam. There are some things that videos just do better than text.

Viral content

The significant advantage of vlogs is that they can quickly become viral, attracting hundreds of visitors to your blog. Funny or informative videos, in particular, are distributed all over the Internet at a high price, which means that you get a lot of advertising! It’s great if you have a website that can use traffic increase, or if you want to earn promotion on your vlog.

Address live audience

Events, such as launching a product or celebrating business achievements, should be shown to your audience around the world. This is possible by publishing recorded video clips of these events in a video blog. Watching them, the visitors to the video blog will feel that they are part of a live audience. This is a great way to connect with your highly valued target segment.

Using traditional blog components

A video blog can use all the elements of traditional text blogs. You can not only add text descriptions to improve the goals of video, but also use other functions. For example, allowing blog visitors to comment or participate in surveys can be made possible in video blogs. RSS feeds, and syndication tools can also be used to distribute videos to online blogs.


Video blogs are undoubtedly growing, and existing video blogs record a massive number of visits to web surfers. Attracting your business customers and strengthening your presence in the company through video clips is a cost-effective and result-oriented trend.