UISpec4J is an open source software released under the terms of the Common Public License (version 1.0).

Current version

The current stable release (UISpec4J 2.4) was created on December 19, 2010. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem with this version.

The 2.x versions only work with JDK 5 and above. If you are still using JDK 1.4, please use UISpec4J version 1.5.


UISpec4J is available as a JAR file that depends on which JDK you use:

JDK UISpec4J Version UISpec4J JAR Sources Javadoc
6.x 2.4 uispec4j-2.4-jdk16.jar uispec4j-2.4-jdk16-sources.jar uispec4j-2.4-javadoc.jar
5.x 2.4 uispec4j-2.4-jdk15.jar uispec4j-2.4-jdk15-sources.jar uispec4j-2.4-javadoc.jar
1.4.x 1.5 uispec4j-1.5.jar

To warm up and experiment with UISpec4J, we strongly encourage you to get a look at the following sample applications along with their functional UI tests:

  • a very basic address book tested with the JUnit framework,
  • a minimalist calculator for the pleasure of TestNG aficionados.


You can look at the full change log here.

Maven configuration

For Maven users, here is a small code snippet that you can copy/paste to your pom.xml:

Note: change the classifier information to jdk15 if you use jdk 5.x.


In order to use UISpec4J, you will need either the JUnit, or the TestNG testing library.

When using the extension mechanism, you will need the ASM 3.1 JARs. JARs.

Source checkout

UISpec4J is an OpenSource project, hosted on GitHub. You can find our project page with Git access, issue tracking, etc. at the following address:

If you're not registered in, please use the user 'uanonymous' (password 'uispec4j') for the CVS login credentials.

Getting help

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem when using UISpec4J - we need your input to make this library as easy to use and powerful as possible, and we are always glad to hear from our users!